Insanely intense life – another three seconds of it

These are some good moments that happen around me. Pretty often, I assume. The moments that come and go so quickly, often unnoticeable. Would I notice them if I didn’t have the camera in my hands? If meditation is about being in present, then me holding the camera in my hands means meditation. It’s me being immersed in the now, noticing and aiming for the best expression of the moment, then clicking on the button on that incredible time saving machine – and all this is happening in one tiny second. How many seconds like that are there in my entire life that I miss? I’m not saying I want to photograph and notice each and every one of them. I can’t take in so much :) I’m saying that the life is intensely rich. It’s around me and you all the time. It takes a good practice to learn to see that. Even without the camera.

This is   t h r e e    s e c o n d s  of my family :