Write about it



When was the last time you sat down and wrote?

Often we are too busy to notice what we think, who we are and what we really want. But when you take time to write, things become clearer. It is like a check point, where you can stop and see what the current course of your sailing boat is. And also, make sure that You are steering your boat and nobody else.

Write down all the wishes you have, about 100. Group them (health, relationships, home etc) – then you will know exactly what happiness means for you next time when you say the cloudy sounding phrase “I want to be happy”.

Write about the things you are grateful for. For example, that there are your children to whom you are the most important person. They draw you pictures, bring flowers, rocks and feathers from outside. They do many things to make you happy, to make you smile! (At least the first 12 years or so:)  Do you see it? Don’t forget all the good people in your life. Your spouse rubbing your back or making a cup of coffee for you is something to be thankful for.

Or write about the situations that have taught you something valuable. For example, overcoming fears – write about the experience you had, about the strength that you had to have to overcome it and what feelings you have about it today. Be happy for your own ability to heal yourself!

Most importantly, write about how much you care about yourself. Your experiences in life start with your own self appreciation and confidence.


Is your backstage messy or clean?



 If the usual, automatic state of mind is a clean safe main street, then the most curious, sometimes rusted corners right behind the surface are the subconscious.

What can you find in yours?


Is it time to get rid of the those thoughts and beliefs that don’t support you anymore (or never did)?


Be the change that you wish to see


Are you aware of yourself?

Remember that every time you make a bad face as a reaction to something, every time you raise your voice, make a comment on something, the way you eat and talk, the way you think and decide – your little one is absorbing.

Our children make us want to be better human beings. The kind who we have always wanted to be. So that when we look at them decades later, we see sensible, peaceful and alive people in front of us, who are free of negativity and assumptions. Who can and want to dream and feel the excitement of every new day.

Make a wish

 Remember the time when you could look at bubbles for a long time without noticing the time passing?


How they would “appear”….


… and how far they would fly.


 And perhaps even let yourself think that bubbles, too, carry potential and life in them. That maybe, if you make a wish, the bubbles pass it on to the sky and all you have to do then is to let go and wait for the fulfillment.