They have arrived!

There is a magic plot of land that has helped to turn a seed into a bigger form of life. I’m delighted to present you these home-grown vegetables! Perhaps you have seen similar things somewhere before in your life.

Here they are:



…crunch crunch crunch…

Fear as a gift in disguise

Fear makes you weak. It stops you from being happy – you are still on alert even when everything feels fine. Slowly and surely, it is taking more and more of your strength. It is a sneaky creature that has no mercy, it can go beyond and conquer your trust. You are in trouble, but nobody near seems to understand your battle. You are concerned and feel alone.

This is where you have a chance to learn. To take a huge rewarding step.


This is where you can meet the real you. This is where you can find the real trust and balance.


Your own sunshine and strength to guide you, to show you the light.


You are brought here to finally meet your real treasure – you.


To clear the knots that have kept you stuck.


Be brave. Know that the fear does not really exist.


Knowing yourself and learning to trust makes you able to dance with the wind and stay strong in the rain with the full confidence and peace.


Then you have found your true nature and power.