Insanely intense life – another three seconds of it

These are some good moments that happen around me. Pretty often, I assume. The moments that come and go so quickly, often unnoticeable. Would I notice them if I didn’t have the camera in my hands? If meditation is about being in present, then me holding the camera in my hands means meditation. It’s me being immersed in the now, noticing and aiming for the best expression of the moment, then clicking on the button on that incredible time saving machine – and all this is happening in one tiny second. How many seconds like that are there in my entire life that I miss? I’m not saying I want to photograph and notice each and every one of them. I can’t take in so much :) I’m saying that the life is intensely rich. It’s around me and you all the time. It takes a good practice to learn to see that. Even without the camera.

This is   t h r e e    s e c o n d s  of my family :



Get in the seaside feeling

There is something about the seaside. As soon as my bare feet are touching the sand, my nose is diving into the sea air, both the sunlight and the wind are caressing my skin, it makes my soul say “aahhh!” and smile.





Leap of faith

Just yesterday I did nothing but took risks and experienced a lot. I was living life. I had a pulse in my veins, tickling beat in my heart, love for life in my soul” said a woman with a sad and confused look in her eyes, who t h i n k s she has lost some of it today.

Some people call it naivety with arrogance, others with pride. Some people say it takes courage, some say it is as simple as it sounds. It’s a wonderful balance, it’s acceptance and trust. It’s a place where you are aware of the infinite possibilities to get hurt and lose – and as mad as it sounds, you accept this.  

 How beautiful is a human being who in the face of possible dangers still lives fully, has faith and smiles a lot.


leap of faith


Because.. what would be the alternative?

While she may be afraid of losing something what she has today and keep herself away from living life, from letting herself go a little nuts with happiness in order to make herself feel safe – this itself is a much bigger loss than what she thinks she is afraid of losing today. In other words, if losing acceptance and trust is the biggest loss itself, is there anything else to worry about?



Your life is a blank canvas…

These photographs are from yesterday when I spent time with my oldest daughter drawing and colouring. Some moments documented here turned into a story:


Do you want a colourful life? Do you want a bright and light life? Blue or pink? Busy or simple?

Remember who you are and what you really want


Then make a choice


Even if you have been hurt, keep doing your thing and know your goals



Have patience. Take a break. Breathe. And then continue.

Your canvas is a lifetime project