Your life is a blank canvas…

These photographs are from yesterday when I spent time with my oldest daughter drawing and colouring. Some moments documented here turned into a story:


Do you want a colourful life? Do you want a bright and light life? Blue or pink? Busy or simple?

Remember who you are and what you really want


Then make a choice


Even if you have been hurt, keep doing your thing and know your goals



Have patience. Take a break. Breathe. And then continue.

Your canvas is a lifetime project


Published by

Mari-Liis Link

I am. I get inspired by early mornings, high mountains, challenges, the Sun and the Moon. I'm a passionate traveller inside and outside. And I love colours, I love to create. I'm a wife of a wonderful husband and of two beautiful daughters.

2 thoughts on “Your life is a blank canvas…”

  1. Thank you! I’m happy you found this post and that it was a bit of a reminder. Wish you a creative home schooling- I think it’s a great thing what you have decided to do.

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