Be the change that you wish to see


Are you aware of yourself?

Remember that every time you make a bad face as a reaction to something, every time you raise your voice, make a comment on something, the way you eat and talk, the way you think and decide – your little one is absorbing.

Our children make us want to be better human beings. The kind who we have always wanted to be. So that when we look at them decades later, we see sensible, peaceful and alive people in front of us, who are free of negativity and assumptions. Who can and want to dream and feel the excitement of every new day.


Published by

Mari-Liis Link

I am. I get inspired by early mornings, high mountains, challenges, the Sun and the Moon. I'm a passionate traveller inside and outside. And I love colours, I love to create. I'm a wife of a wonderful husband and of two beautiful daughters.

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